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Company Overview

HercuTech Inc. – HercuTech manufactures and markets a remarkably innovative line of engineered building products focused on improving building practices for residential and commercial construction. The Company has the capability to serve both domestic and global markets. Its products are designed for homes, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, medical facilities, and light industrial structures.

HercuWall® HercuWall® is the Company’s premier product. A technologically advanced and patented panelized wall construction system, HercuWall® combines concrete, steel, and foam insulation into a unique wall building system. HercuWall® delivers incontestable improvements in strength, sustainability, and cost efficiency over traditional wall construction methods. HercuWall® competes directly with both wood frame construction and concrete block, delivering superior results. Industry observers have declared HercuWall® a "disruptive innovation" dramatically improving construction practice and building science at a cost competitive with traditional methods. HercuWall® not only advances the quality and energy efficiency of new homes, but its efficiency of construction keeps home prices affordable for homebuyers. HercuWall® is not an ICF system.

Core Competency – HercuTech Inc.'s core competency is supplying innovative construction components, products, and systems produced in a controlled factory environment. Fabricated to match the specifications of each project, HercuWall® is delivered to the job site as a kit of numbered panels ready to install. Walls for a typical single story home can be set up within hours by a small framing crew and concrete placed to complete the exterior walls with precision window and door openings. Cycle time is reduced, job site labor is minimized, and many conventional-construction steps are eliminated. The end result is an energy efficient, cost competitive product at a performance level never before available to the production homebuilding industry. 

Green Construction – HercuWall® is sustainable, energy efficient and economically viable which all contribute  to high LEED® ratings. As non-wood construction, HercuWall® addresses society’s awareness to conserve timber resources. Since HercuWall® is an affordable alternative to wood frame construction, more builders are likely to adopt the technology thereby increasing the magnitude of the positive impact on the environment.

Production Homebuilding – HercuTech Inc. provides homebuilders, both large and small, an easy way to transition from being a commodity builder of the past to an energy conscious builder of the future. HercuWall® becomes the backbone of the building envelope both structurally and from an energy efficiency perspective. Production builders, custom builders, and multi-family projects all benefit by adopting HercuWall®. The transition from block or wood is easy and contractors become expert HercuWall® installers in hours. An architect and director of a leading construction industry trade association recently stated, "HercuWall® is the first and only concrete wall system available that universally achieves the performance, cost, and scalability parameters that meet production builder requirements."

Commercial and Industrial – HercuWall® is an excellent choice for commercial and industrial projects and is compatible with traditional trades such as plumbing and electrical. Its tall wall systems, with a capacity to build walls up to thirty feet high, make HercuWall® a viable alternative to block and tilt-up where end use requires insulation. Excellent for offices, warehousing, and schools, HercuWall® provides an energy efficient structure that contributes to lower utility costs, minimal maintenance, and is quieter and stronger.

HercuWall® is cost competitive for the nation’s largest and leading homebuilders providing competitive advantages and demonstrable benefits. Not an ICF system, HercuWall® is a new category of construction with proprietary composite technology that is stronger than conventional rebar-reinforced concrete structures of the same concrete mass. The first product of its kind, HercuWall® is covered by U.S. patents with additional U.S. and foreign patents pending.

Considered by many building experts to be the most rigorous building product testing and approval process, HercuWall® is certified for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones by Miami-Dade County, Florida product approval division (NOA No. 12-0607.03. Expiration Date: November 8, 2017). HercuWall® is also Florida Building Department approved (FL16084).

HercuWall® Engineered for Efficiency™ – Include us on the bidder’s list for your next project. We seek the opportunity to surprise you.