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Company History

HercuTech Inc. was founded in 2008 by Michael Niemann, the visionary behind the Company and its products. HercuTech was established to develop and market HercuWall®, the Company’s premier product. The Company invested several years of testing, development and constructing beta projects ensuring that HercuWall® exceeds the expectations of architects, engineers, builders and installers as HercuWall® is rolled into the mainstream. Building safety was paramount followed by ease of implementation, sustainability, and cost competitiveness. As HercuWall® evolved from its original configuration to its current form, third party engineers were continually involved. Extensive testing has been completed on the system and third party certifications have been earned.

HercuWall® is a registered trademark of HercuTech Inc. Two prior U.S. patents have been issued and there is a U.S. patent pending and patents pending internationally in more than one hundred countries. Management continues to improve the HercuWall® system and other complimentary products will be added to the offering as they become available. 

HercuTech currently has manufacturing capacity in Phoenix, AZ with an additional plant opening in Orlando, Florid by year-end 2016.  Other regional facilities are planned.

HercuWall® is covered by the following patents:

US: 6,119,432, 6,401,413, 9,097,009, 9,175,466

South Africa Patent No.2014/00055

Patents Pending in Australia, Canada, China, Euopean Union, India and Mexico

Registered Trademarks: HercuWall®, ShearStrip®

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