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HercuWall® is the backbone of an energy efficient building envelope. The building envelope consists of the walls (HercuWall®), roof, floor slab, windows and doors that define the insulated barrier between the interior conditioned living space and the outdoor environment. Investing in an energy efficient building envelope will yield greater energy savings over the life of a home than high efficiency appliances and heating and air conditioning equipment.

HercuWall® combined with an air resistive insulation barrier in the roof and energy efficient windows and doors, will afford owners substantial energy cost savings. Smaller capacity air conditioners and heating equipment should be specified and installed. One national builder claims energy savings of 40% to 60% compared to standard construction.  

Energy efficient construction was previously reserved for custom homes and came at a heavy cost premium. Today, utilizing innovative technologies like HercuWall®, smart production builders are offering energy efficiency at or near the same price as the conventionally built homes they previously built. Leading commercial contractors have adopted similar technologies including HercuWall® to meet market expectations for energy efficiency.

HercuWall® High Performance Building Envelope:

  • Energy cost savings up to 60% compared to code minimum built homes
  • Highly insulated and air tight
  • Structurally superior to wood frame and concrete block construction
  • ShearStrip™ Technology - patent pending concrete composite structure
  • Walls that will not mold, rot, or decay
  • Termite and insect proof
  • Cleaner, dust and pollen free environment
  • Hurricane Zone Rating
  • Waterproof
  • 2,000 times quieter than wood frame construction
  • Third party testing and certifications
  • Adopted by leading builders, engineers, architects
  • Maintenance free
  • Precise window and door openings eliminate air and water leaks
  • Buildings will last for generations
  • Suitable for earthquake (seismic) zones
  • Insulation values do not diminish over time
  • High resale values projected
  • Non-wood construction reduces pressure on timber supplies
  • Sustainable, good for the environment and society


HercuWall® Engineered for Efficiency™

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