HercuWall® is a high-performance concrete based wall building system primarily used to construct the exterior insulated walls in new homes and light commercial buildings. HercuWall® is unique. It is not an ICF (insulating concrete form) system. HercuWall® panels are manufactured in a factory environment on computer controlled equipment to exactly match the architectural plans for a specific project. HercuWall® is delivered to the job site as a kit of numbered panels that are set up in numerical order forming the exterior wall according to the construction documents. The HercuWall® kit includes corner panels, straight wall panels and window and door panels. The panels are manufactured to exacting standards limiting variables and facilitating labor efficiencies. No cutting, sawing or other job site modification of the panels is required. No job-site scrap is generated. After the wall panels are installed, concrete is placed within the panels utilizing a grout pump. After the concrete has cured construction continues.  

HercuWall® was recently utilized to construct a 2,400 square foot single family home in a development in Goodyear, Arizona. A framing crew of six set up the HercuWall® system in less than three hours. Concrete was placed in the walls in two more hours. This was not a handpicked crew and only the second HercuWall® house this crew had constructed (their first house took this crew five hours).

HercuWall® is manufactured and marketed by HercuTech Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Company”). The Company is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Manufacturing is regionalized. HercuWall® is a registered trademark of HercuTech Inc. HercuWall® is protected by four U.S. patents with U.S. and international patents pending.

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