Hampton East Project Update

Paragon Development chose Series 8 HercuWall insulated concrete panels for all exterior and demising walls in its 143 unit Hampton East single family for rent project in Tempe, Arizona. Project highlights include:

HercuWall Precision:

  • 8,176 HercuWall panels with pre-cut openings for:

    • 999 windows

    • 143 sliding doors

    • 146 regular doors

  • All delivered and installed on time, with perfect fits requiring no adjustments

Installation Stats for Two-Bedroom Duplex:

  • 80 panels – 32 labor hours (4 person crew – one day)

  • 13 yards of concrete – 4 labor hours (4 person crew – one hour)

Super Energy Efficient:

  • R-30 rating

  • HERS scores in the low 50’s (exceeding the top tier rating of the local utility)

  • $220,000 in utility rebates

  • $60 per month in estimated electric bills

Disaster Durable:

During a monsoon, a microburst with winds around 100mph hit the construction site and surrounding area. Nearby projects under construction with wood framing were decimated, while the mighty HercuWall, independently rated to withstand 235mph winds, stood tall.