Sustainability & Safety in Building Materials


HercuTech focuses on sustainability in building materials, recycling 99% of unused scrap, which is repurposed in other products. There is no onsite construction waste associated with our prefabricated wall panels because the kits are designed to match blueprints exactly. Our high precision machines produce accurate, quality controlled HercuWall® panels. A HercuWall structure has superior energy-efficiency compared to traditional materials, significantly reducing HERS scores, carbon emissions, and energy bills, and increasing opportunities for federal tax credits and local rebates.


HercuWall’s R31 insulation delivers energy savings of up to 40%. HercuWall replaces up to 60% of the wood used in various building types significantly reducing the impact of new construction on our forests. We take a whole life-cycle approach to sustainability. From sourcing raw materials through to design, building use and end-of-life waste management, we maximize recycling and waste reduction.



On Your Work Site As Well As Ours

HercuTech requires the highest safety standards in everything we do, with one goal in mind –nobody gets hurt at work. We drive safety improvements in our own facilities and collaborate with our partners for safety onsite. It’s all part of our zero harm construction strategy.

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