HercuFit® Program

Train, Compete, Win

We work closely with our partners to prepare for shared success. Our HercuFit program is designed to get you up to speed with the training, certification, tools and team you need to win. Differentiate yourself and raise your game to a whole new level of building. This program also provides you with project opportunities in your region through our builder network.

Let’s see if you’re a fit for HercuFit.

Bottom line building advantages

Invest in creating a higher quality final product while actually streamlining your building schedules and limiting the variables that can cause delays and added expenses. HercuWall® increases job site efficiency, safety and project price predictability. At the same time, it can enable you to maximize space usage and build for long term comfort and durability. Ideal for boosting your build-to-rent, multi-family, hotels, assisted living, dormitory construction, and other commercial projects.


Build better for today and tomorrow

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace. HercuWall’s built in wall structure, wrap and insulation allows you to build faster, stronger, and with more price predictability. HercuWall is an ICF alternative that is easily and safely installed by a small team with basic training, limiting your vulnerability to framing labor constraints.


Enable your clients to innovate for greater ROI and better quality panelized wall construction. Improve your project’s speed to completion while significantly increasing its energy efficiency and predictability. Through HercuWall construction, you can introduce real value to your customers for both the near and long terms while reducing variables and the risks they bring. HercuWall integrates seamlessly with your preferred building strategies so you can realize true performance gains both for the construction process and the bottom line.

Step up to a smarter, more lucrative opportunity

Grow your business by becoming a HercuWall installer. Complete the same project with less manpower and fewer inspections, while delivering a better structure. Our patented Aligned Assembly process means every panel is designed, precisely cut, numbered and delivered ready for easy, safe, and fast installation. We are actively building our specialized team now. Our HercuFit program will not only get you certified as a HercuWall installer, but can also connect you with opportunities to grow your business.

It’s easier to manage a better building

Enhance your brand with an resident experience that is truly superior. In today’s marketplace, it’s challenging to differentiate your commercial and residential properties. Often, features and location aren’t enough. HercuWall’s airtight design and R31 insulation provides superior privacy, energy efficiency, and overall comfort. Because it is fire, rot, mold and insect resistant, HercuWall is also easier and more affordable to maintain. This gives you a real and lasting advantage that drives leasing and renewals while minimizing turnover.

Case Studies



Paragon Development Group, a leading developer in the Southwest, was looking for a competitive edge for their new build-to-rent project, Hampton East. They understood that simply building the 100 building development to code wasn’t enough. They needed a way to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and they chose the superior energy efficiency of HercuWall, which reduces energy costs by 20%-40%.

The HercuWall team got engaged early to set the project up for success. In addition to delivering R31 airtight assembly, HercuWall delivered other outstanding benefits as well. These included significantly reducing the project’s exposure to fluctuating prices for wood, while utilizing a crew that relied on far fewer skilled carpenters. In fact, HercuWall required about half the man hours to assemble compared to stick.

HercuWall also saved time by eliminating the need for insulation and house wrap as well as the inspections that go with those steps. As a result, the project was completed two months sooner than it would have been with stick, and the energy efficiency numbers came up strong. The per unit HERS Index is 53.  This score is projected  an annual savings per unit of $849 when compared to the average US home.


The Toronto based general contractor, Pro Group of Companies INC, was looking to leverage the benefits of panelized construction, but was not satisfied with the limitations of ICF. When the global leader in building materials innovation, LafargeHolcim, invited HercuWall to demonstrate its capabilities, Pro Group was there. They soon realized they’d found their answer.

Pro Group was so excited about the efficiencies of HercuWall that they adopted it for their 23 unit condominium building, which consisted of four stories of living space, above two-story concrete podium parking. They were especially attracted to the opportunity to build a better quality building in terms of strength, efficiency and comfort, while requiring significantly less labor.

HercuWall provided a rep on site for training, which went quickly. The team learned on the first floor, and was capable of doing the rest of the structure themselves. Each level took about a week to complete, including exterior walls, corridor walls and demising walls. This was far faster than ICF or wood frame, and required a third fewer manhours of skilled carpentry. All while delivering greater energy efficiency than the building was originally designed for.


The TBRC Group, based in Tampa Fla, was planning to build eight spec homes. To maximize their efficiency, they wanted a more streamlined approach than CMU block. Because they were building in a high velocity hurricane zone, the solution had to be Hurricane rated as well. Between the building efficiency and the strength, HercuWall was the ideal choice.

TBRC needed a single day and a crew of just five to get the exterior walls up, inspected and grouted for an entire house. In the process, their spec homes improved from R4 to R31 insulation. And they cut their cost by about 50%, compared to what they would have had to pay for skilled masons. The owner of TBRC is such a fan of HercuWall that he became an installer in his region. And he’s planning to use HercuWall in the next round of three spec homes he will build.

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