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Enable your sustainability conscious clients while hitting the mark of your regimented developers. Radically increase comfort and durability at the same time while streamlining construction for bottom line cost advantages.

Fabricated off-site and delivered ready to assemble, HercuWall is the panelized shell and demising wall system that eliminates costly and time-consuming steps. Delivers R31 insulation for up to 40% energy savings and provides superior strength and comfort.

Whether your client wants to reduce energy use, protect forest resources, or just limit their own exposure to risk, HercuWall is the intelligent option. HercuWall’s uniquely simple structure is ICC-compliant and reduces dependency on wood by up to 60%.

A. Concrete
B. ShearStrip™
C. Polyester Film (PET)
D. Insulating Foam (EPS)


Saving up to 40% on energy consumption and eliminating more than half of the wood needed, HercuWall takes a whole life-cycle approach to sustainability. From sourcing raw materials through to design, building use and end-of-life waste management, we maximize recycling and waste reduction as well.

HercuWall is Ideally suited for:
  • Build-to-rent
  • Hospitality
  • Multifamily
  • Assisted living
  • Institutional housing

Technical Documents

Hercuwall Design Guidelines

Architect, Engineers, & Municipalities Brochure

QAI Report

ICC Report

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